About Us

How I got my beginnings

I began painting 27 years ago with a group that painted to pay for college. Not really thinking of this as a career yet, but I enjoyed the work. I later began working for someone else that needed a painter, and working there I learned many new skills as this contractor worked on both residential and commercial. I was glad to learn new skills but not as glad that I was beginning to not like the way my employer was conducting business. I had to leave my job and start on my own, with a goal of taking care of the customers needs, not cutting corners, and always being honest about what we can and can't do based on my morals rather than a boss that may or may not have any.

Why start 'Inspection Correction' if you already have a company?

Inspection Correction isn't just about painting and repair, it's about helping someone when they are the most vulnerable. When a homeowner gets that list of items that have to be fixed in a limited amount of time, under the pressure of packing, working, and taking care of the family just can be too much to handle. While I have been doing this through my company, it just makes more sense to do this as a separate entity to make the paperwork with the other contractors much easier and make it much easier to explain to the people that this a actually a group of contractors that have worked together and knows each other to be ethical and professional.

Our Goal

The goal of creating this is to give the customer a way to be able to make just one call. They call us and we will analyze the list and schedule the right person for each job to make sure that the property makes it through the re-inspection. While we worry about getting the repairs done, they are able to continue their daily routine and take care of what is really important, the family.

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  • Inspection Services
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